Live as if you never die
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Live as if you never die

"They lose their health to make money and they lose their money to retore their health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forget the present, such as they live neither for the present nor the future and they live as if they will never die and die as if they had never lived.." Confucious

How many of us live in numbness, closed, hiding our feelings, our emotions? I know I did cause that is what I learned was the best way to survive. But it is impossible to love if your numb cause love is the opposite. And life is to love, I think, otherwise it is empty and meaningless. To live is to be in the present, the now yet we forget the present and worry about the future. We shut down our feelings and fill it up with alcoholic beverage food, games, sex, porn, Tv....
We don´t let ourselves be vulnerable, whole hearted and many of us even despise weakness. But isn´t that what we need to do, be weak to be able to love and be loved?

So my conclusion is; To live as if I never die I have to live in the present and I have to be vulnerable, and whole hearted and take the risk of being hurt by the numb and cold hearted. And when that happens I have to rise and live in the present, be vulnerable and whole hearted again otherwise I will become numb and then  die as if I never lived...and that would be a shame!

An author I like is; Deddie Ford she knows how to become whole hearted.

Please watch this video of Brene Brown, she has a message to us

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